A Patchwork Collection: On the earth side

Planet Earth needs us more than ever so we have decided to give a new path to our dead stock! 🌎

Dulis is constantly striving for effective ways to fight against earth damage with mindful designs so, we've created something with the leftover materials to avoid waste!

Patchwork Collection was born and we must tell you... this has been a crazy ride full of the quirkiest styles.

This first Patchwork Drop comes with a limited three-piece collection of your all-time favorite: The Wallabees Boots and they are guaranteed to blow your mind. 

Patterns, colors, and shapes are mixed up creating the most exclusive designs ever. Plus, size ranges from 24 to 40 cause grown-ups deserve to walk in style too!

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They won't be around for too long, so RUN. Otherwise, you'll miss out on these earth-friendly shoes that, by the way, will be the coolest on the streets this fall!

Long live the kids!

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