Dulis Shoes x Studio Proba

Dulis Shoes x Studio Proba joined forces to create a one of a kind collaboration featuring a collection of six unique and handmade sneakers in vibrant colors, shapes and textures using Studio Proba’s iconic art paired with Dulis DNA and craftsmanship. 

The six sneakers are divided in two groups: the thermal fusion painted ones with four variants, and the chain stitched with two variants. In the last ones, the artist recurred to the use of a technique called “Chenille” which uses different volume stitches in order to create unique patterns for each product.

Also, to raise much-needed funds for the Portuguese fight against cancer, Dulis and Studio Proba have teamed up with the Liga Portuguesa contra o Cancro and Acreditar on a solidarity raffle. 

One purchase of 10€ gets you one raffle entry, a 20€ purchase gets you two entries, and so on. If you win, you will get this sweet fuzzy rug designed by Alex. 


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