Shay's Lenses

Take a glimpse through Shay's lenses, a 27-year-old mama bear that recently did a photo shoot for Dulis.


Tell us a little about your background.

Hi! I’m Shay 27,  mama bear to my two kiddos Adonay + Adonis and our shiba pup Akiko. We reside in Philly, USA.


What sparked your passion for photography? 

 I’ve always had a love for photography since high school, but I never truly found my photograph style until recently. I started off with a passion for interior design and even tried going to art school for my degree. I got pregnant during the time I was doing classes so I decided not to finish but I realized art school wasn’t my calling. 


What artists keep you inspired?  And how do they influence your work/state of mind?   

 Honestly, I find my inspiration within myself, I’m a spiritual person and I find myself always thinking of ideas on my own. I love finding beauty everywhere I go, my life isn’t the fanciest like you see on Instagram, but I see beauty in struggle. 


How would you describe your photography style? 

I would say effortless, the more I don’t try the better the picture gets haha.  I find more inspiration when I have to use what’s around me already. I’m usually on a tight budget so I have to use what I have! 


Your work is more unique than a typical 9-5 job. How do you balance the family life with what can be a hectic work schedule? 

I would like to say this is more of my hobby, I’m mostly being a mom and trying to teach my children the importance of creativity and being themselves.  Currently, my husband is in the construction field ( he can build anything you can think of ) but he has a love for music production and videography. So we started a creative service by my husband and myself.


What are the positive impacts of involving your kiddos in your work? 

Well, I feel like my inspiration mainly comes from them. When I had my oldest child we were a low-income family, but besides looking in a negative way we continued to grow creatively.  My kids are always looking up to my husband and me, I’m so grateful that they are inspired by us.


How was it to create this mini session for Dulis?

For that mini session, I thought of the colors and what we already had around our place. I was able to reuse the fabrics I used from old photo shoots and just used them differently.


Get to know more about Shay's work on her Instagram page.

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