Born and crafted in sunny Portugal over four decades ago, Dulis is forever young at heart. Making pretty neat shoes for the little ones since 1981 that feel like walking on sunshine. We are going back to the future, reintroducing our label to your inner-child grown-up self. Get on our bandwagon and enjoy this nonsense revival to a life seen through your kid's point of view.



Founded in 1981 in Portugal, Dulis designs high quality shoes for children. Just as the brand has been passed down from generations, we are committed to growing alongside the child’s own happy feet for many generations to come.

Comfort and safety sprinkled with a hint of playfulness are the many drivers in the development of our collections. The result is footwear ranging from baby to teen, adaptable to the little ones’ daily activities without overlooking their big personalities.


Cool Design
Our collections feature both classic and trendy shoes in order to adapt to the child’s style and situation. In the end we know the little ones really just want to have fun and that is the main input we need to create cool and colorful designs.



We want each child to move and play around freely, so all our products are made with soft and flexible materials. The shoes’ insoles are designed ergonomically to help the child feel comfortable and to make sure the feet grow healthy from pre-walker to (almost) full-grown teens.



We ensure the child’s safety and healthy development by using only high quality materials free of any harmful components and tested to comply with REACH directives. All eyelets are are made of anti-allergenic nickel-free brass and the insoles are produced with non-toxic materials.


We always aim to have a positive impact in the productive process, by limiting waste production and gradually reducing the use of animal-sourced materials. This concern for an environment-friendly production process has led us to use a friendly material, eco-leather, which is natural and biodegradable.